Test Page To Experiment With

Not sure what you can and can't do with the wiki?.

. use this page to play with.

looking at the code you will notice a number of (+) before the text. these are hearder levels [h1]

there now follows some examples of what you can do, and what things do what.

bold italic underline strike thru are self explanatary
teletype text is as demonstrated here

this text proceed the [quote] icon

followed by
superscript icon and then
the subscript iconsubscript
last one on the top line is the [R] icon.
this is the result from using this feature I ahve no idea what it is supposed to do, or its use

Next we have the Horizontal line

followed by

Div block contents, as yet i have no idea about this either.

next up is the "clear floats."

~~~~buggered if i know what that is either
then the table wizard.

I'm Not Impressed
content 1 content 2 content 3
cell-content4 cell-content5 cell-content6

followed by the :-

icon (i need to explore this some more.. it don't make sence.. yet!

Next up (level 2 applied)

next up are the 4 "link icons" deal with them later. (level 3 applied)

followed by the insert and embed icons
source is the first icon (help!)
next one, "insert image" is giving me some grief as well.
embed video only seems to work with you tube and google.
test you tube vid.

test Google vid

well that works Ok. Then there is the embed audio. need to work on this as well

Sorry, no match for the embedded content.

using the embed code.. (no icon), we can put in "gadgets"

noticethe underline 1 just above here? where the hell did that come from?1

Ok so that will do for now. I must find out how to include picys!

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