Testing Reserve Chutes

A windy day at Hill Farm saw most of us yapping, as you do. Dave McEwen thought he would spend his time productively. Deciding to inflate his chute and give it a good airing he looked for something solid to attach it to. This, Dave would call "a cunning plan."

Tying his harness to his ladder firmly attached on his car, he through his Chute skywards.
BANG! went the chute.
BANG! went the ladder and
BANG! went the roof rack it was firmly attached to.
"BUGGER!" screamed Dave as he was holding onto the Chute at the time. By this time the chute was travelling at a good 20 knots along a freshly seeded field with copious amounts of nice sharp stones.

Followed by Dave.
Followed by his Harness.
Followed by a frigging great big ladder.
Followed by what was left of the roof rack.
Fortunately the car, this was all originally attached to stayed where it was.
Dave decided to hang on as he didn't want his Chute ripped to shreds in the thorny trees he was heading for at a rate of knots. Also, he wanted to avoid being run down by the pursuing ladder and roof rack!

I would like to report that we all ran to his assistance. But that would be a tad untrue, because most of us (about 10 of us) were all totally incapacitated by hysterical laughter.


Photo: Ed potter

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