Gary Hume

DOB 06-01-1958
where were you born ?
Kirkcaldy Scotland - Scottish but Grandmother Swedish!!
Where do you live know?
Kendal, Cumbria
Occupation? - salesman with a fancy title - Sales & Marketing Director & Company Secretary, Kentmere Photographic.
Previous Occupation ?
Photographer's assistant in 1970s and 1980s, photographer, cook for a year on building sites and also outside catering, assistant manager of several Safeway stores, photochemical technician & salesman etc. etc. Bit of a job hopper then!!! Been 11 years in last job.
When and where did you start flying ?
- 1974 - steep slope at the far end of Truleigh Hill with the immortal line - " you've seen a cine film - run hard and I'll tell what you did wrong at the bottom" It was one of the latest gliders with a kingpost - put together with spanners and bottle screws - the keel was tensioned with a bowstring to give a bit of reflex.


(if) Why did you stop ?
Still Going
Which Pilots most influenced you? - Ted Salisbury in the early days - he taught me to fly a few years later. I will never forget his green wellies - summer or winter, his ability to run flat out down impossibly steep slopes keel launching students (pushing off), his "got a spare fag Garry" trade for a cup of stewed tea" and his kind and focused approach. He eventually gave up teaching and set up an old peoples home on the Isle of Wight. Is he still around? Later it was Johnny Carr, then Tony and Rona Webb when I discovered winching - Ed Potter and Phil Chett!!
Gliders you have flown ?
Long list, just a few are as follows - ancient standard rogallos, Solar Wings Storm (Ted's personal glider), HiWay Harrier, Stubby, Southdown Floater, Polaris, Airwave Magic III, IV, V, VI, Kiss, Concept 149, Extreme (first glider I tested), plus pretty much every new glider in the past few years tested in Skywings, plus most rigid gliders e.g. Stalker, Atos V, Atos C, Ghostbuster. Basically in return for some formulaic drivel, I get to fly most of what is new - FREE.
Where have you flown in the UK ?
Norfolk towing and on the coast, Sussex, Wales, Scotland, the Dales and the Lake District.
When and where was your most memorable flying experience in the UK ?
My very first XC (in Norfolk) - whilst Tony pronounced I did not what I was doing to my friend Steve, the second tow of the day took me to the coast. Amazingly my first tow was only a couple of miles but if I recall correctly, Phil C gave me a left back. In the evening Phil, Tony and I went for a downwind dash to Tony's parents house.
When and where was your most Horrid flight in the UK ?
Wether Fell in out of phase wave (twice - both equally horrid and scary - 90 degree wingovers almost all the way to the ground). Caught in cloud and exiting 4,000' above base in Norfolk - only to plunge back into cloud again - oh and icing up in wave a couple of years ago - buy me a pint and I could go on and on and on!!!!
Where have you flown OUT of the UK ?
France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Florida and California.
Where and when was you most memorable flying experience outside the UK ?
The very best flight was last year in Austria flying to Italy and back with 3,500 m base and textbook thermals over 30km of totally wild high mountains - no roads or valleys - just rocks ice and snow.
When and where was your most Horrid flight outside UK ?
Last year at Laragne - the Mistral kicked in and the wind picked up to 30 mph during a big XC and wild with monster off the clock lift and sink.
Time to brag ?what was your "finest hour" ?
long time ago flying with Phil - after I all but but landed after a tow and got up from about 200' a few fields from launch, I then sat on top of him for a fantastic flight to the coast. Not that long - only about 21 miles but great fun and very social - even if I did drop the nose - and Phil didn't.
Who do you most admire in the sport ?
Those with enthusiasm and who give their time and enthusiasm freely e.g. Johnny Carr, Tony and Rona Webb, Ed Potter, Phil Chett (yes really) etc. Too many to name.
What Trait do you most deplore in yourself ?
Never satisfied - and inability to sleep in.
What trait do you most deplore in other people ?
Greed and selfishness.
When not flying what do you do for recreation ?
Mountain bike, surf, rock climb, fell walking, model flying, horse riding and finishing.
Favourite piece of music ?
Whatever is right for the mood apart from (c)rap and sampling. Muse is getting some airplay at present in the car.
Favorite book ?
No one book but I read and love travel, adventure, climbing books etc. Fiction I hardly ever read.
Favorite Film ?
I know it is not original but the Matrix was pretty special - first of a new genre.
What is your greatest fear ?
The same as most people if they are honest - death or incapacity of loved ones - or oneself.
What is your perfect idea of happiness ?
Everything I have got at the minute - great wife, kids, my health and fun - all that is missing is the money and time. It would be nice to have money rather than debts!!
What would your motto be ?
A good friend and work colleague from Barbados summed it all up when I was about 20 - "You only walk this road once, so choose your path and go for it" - with that he saved the money for a year and took his dream by the horns and moved to New York.
How would you like to be remembered ?
As the oldest pilot still as childish as I am now. My wife often asks "will you ever grow up" - answer I certainly hope not!
Whats your favorite flying story ?
George Worthington's book of his flying diaries - brilliant - I have read it several times.
Notable achievements ?
Some good XCs in the early days from the winch, testing about 35 different gliders in recent years, persuading my wife to let me fly abroad twice a year now that my kids have grown up.
Anything else you would like to add?
It would be nice to add a few articles from the early club mag when enthusiasm was high. It would also be nice to try and get more people in/back into hang gliding.

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