Ed's NXCL Flights

Ed Potter's NXCL flights

This is taken from the website of the UK NXCL (National Cross Country League) much of the credit for which should go to Phil Chettleburgh and Tony Southwood. It is a brilliantly useful and accessible implementation of a database. Would that all databases were so well presented!


The National Cross Country league started in 1982(?) Computerised data before 1992 was in a form that could not be carried over into the new system. Reference to years prior to 92 means scouring through the Pages of "wings / Skywings! "

In the process of doing this we discover that in terms of the NXCL Ed was the first person to carry out a recordable Cross Country from the Winch. Only Six and a bit miles, but without doubt a milestone.

With a few more XC's later in the year recorded Ed became the first recipient of the "Dave Loxely Trophy" awarded on the 8th or March, 1986 at the BHGA Agm held at the Cwrt y Gollen army camp, Crickhowell, Wales.

Note: The dave Loxely trophy fell to pieces in the early 90's, and was replaced with a wooden shield. Over the mists of time any there are only 2 known picture of the Original trophy. The first one, as shown above does not do it justice.

Fortunately, Ed was aware of this. So, At a BHGA meeting held later in the year , Ed collared Noel Whitall (BHGA Chairman) and got him to re present the trophy to get a better view.


The above Picture is credit “Weston Air Photography 1986, Weston Super Mare”

The first NXCL winch tow Cross country Report

From "Wings", May 1985

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