1994 Gallery

1994 Gallery

If you have lasted this far you deserve some more pictures. These are mostly from the Hill Farm flying field taken during 1994. Advance apologies if I have got some factual details wrong. Let me know and I will correct them. You can’t do much about any of the personal opinions expressed – they are mine of course, and they do tend to reflect my impressions at that time (but I am open to reason).


Apologies also to many other very worthy club members and participants for whom I do not have sexy enough photos from this period – the selection has been determined somewhat by chance. If you see that your name is a link then Phil has already allocated you a personal page - so you can retaliate. Just send Phil the details of what you want to say and he’ll fill it in – or show you how to. If you haven’t got a page ask Phil to create one for you.
Paul Welton, pilot, winchman and stalwart NHGC member for many years poses under this kite. Phil reckons it was not Paul’s own Rumour, but Phil’s Kiss that he was about to test fly. It probably explains why he was looking pretty serious. (Ahah, and it was from 1991).


On the right is Rona, looking happy - the ultimate hard working outdoor girl and tireless partner with Tony in the Lejair training school. A vastly qualified instructor, winch person, and - not least - expert pilot in her own right. Had she been motivated (and funded!) to fly in national competitions I think she would have been among the top half dozen women pilots for years.


Jim Thomas and Lynn. Just look at those clouds! You ought to know by now that this was about the most perfect thermalling sky one could wish for. Jim flew a Clubman, and (how can I put this?) it would be fair to say that he had been one of Lejair’s more challenging trainees. Was this the day, the first day, that he caught a thermal? From the ground we heard a strange noise – it came from Jim, aloft, singing and shouting with whoops of delight as he, for once, gained height 360-ing a few hundred feet above those trees!


On the left Bob Cogman under the kite and Barry Freeman holding the nosewires. Very experienced pilots from the early days of hang gliding (and probably still flying as I write this now), equally likely to be found with the North Norfolk club at Sculthorpe or with the SCFHGC in Suffolk, or most likely on the coast if the coast was flyable. And on the right, Bryan Youngs holding Ian Alexander's nose (you know what I mean).


On the left, the inimitable John Vernon – 'Jolly Veg' radio call sign. Esteemed good egg and companion on foreign trips. A raconteur in his own right, and latterly a rigid wing hang glider pilot. He could tell us a story or two.
On the motorcycle (for pulling winch lines back across the field) Francis Forsythe-Yorke (splendid companion on the Piedrahita trip), and Anna Wright trainee pilot, with small passenger. Don't ask where the crash helmets were.
Francis was tragically killed in a mid-air collision between his kite and a paraglider at Devil’s Dyke in 1996. Definitely one of the appalling lows of hang gliding.


On the left Malcolm Stoodley (accomplished hyperactive hang glider pilot and airline pilot) with Rose. Lounging on the grass (flying is such a drag anyway): Jo Matthews, Rona Webb, James Oxbury and David Drake – some more of many exceptional companions (and occasional competitors) on the field and in foreign climes.

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