Mere 1982 - bl**dy Mere

Mere 1982 - bl**dy Mere


The wind was light and variable. The only possible task that could be set was a knockout distance comp. Nil wind take offs have never been easy on a single surface kite. Brave souls lunged down the slope, nosed in, broke uprights, and an occasional arm. With the Scorpion, I would have been significantly fearful. With the Comet, I had a wing, that wanted to fly if I kept the nose attitude right - which it seemed very willing to do despite its greater weight. And the glide angle was so much better than the Scorpion. I came seventh, and astonished myself. From now on, any weekend that was flyable found me trying to fly, almost irrespective of the distance travelled to the site. Wooster was a great travelling companion.


Dunstable began to contribute significantly to my flying hours (see p5). With the Comet's superior performance I could now get decent altitude above the top and almost came to like the site. This picture of me was taken on 13th November 1982 (nice looking clouds!), and more flights were logged well into December. Note the blob on the left upright, in the picture. These were instruments!

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