More of the same, mostly. 89 launches, one 7-mile XC in May (from a launch at 6 pm!) as a tantalising taster, and then one massive 44-miler to Woodbridge on August Bank Holiday weekend.


A big improvement in chances though looked promising for the next season: Tony and Rona had negotiated some much bigger fields in Beeston - close by, and just north of the A47. A few expeditions to other parts of the country did not yield much reward.

Mere - again

September 1989. Yes, seething with inactivity, as usual, but winch launching also featured! - a vital innovation for Mere, where the wind was so often in the wrong direction, or not cooperating. I took 5 launches, which lasted about 3 minutes each. Enough said. I can see Jayu and Barry and ? in the foreground.



More recognisable mugs at the NHGC AGM in Norwich in December. You know who you are. Come on, own up.

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