Dave Wootton

DOB 22.10.59
where were you born ?
Where do you live know?
Nordelph – West Norfolk
Commercial Photographer
Previous Occupation ?
Grain Trader – left that in 1988
When and where did you start flying ?
Chamonix – France 1986
(if) Why did you stop ?
Got old, lost interest, sorry but after nearly 20 years I got bored
Which Pilots most influenced you?
Rob Whittall, Uli Weismeier, Xavier Murillo, Jean Yves Faust
Gliders you have flown ?
Started on ITV Asterion :ITV Rubie, Firebird Apache, UP Katana, Nova Vertex, Ozone Octane
These are gliders i owned, flown numerous others also.

Where have you flown in the UK ?
Norfolk, Lakes, Peaks, South Downs, I of W, Wiltshire
When and where was your most memorable flying experience in the UK ?
I did enjoy coastal soaring at Cromer with friends on a nice summers day, show boating in front of the hotels to the day trippers.
When and where was your most Horrid flight in the UK ?
Never really had a horrid one.
Where have you flown OUT of the UK ?
France, Italy, , Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, India, Malaysia, NZ, Australia, Fiji, Hong Kong, USA
Where and when was you most memorable flying experiance outside the UK ?
Climbing over Les Dru in Chamonix, last cable car up at 5pm one August. Myself and two mates took off from the glacier and glided to the lower rock face of Les Dru, using the light evening thermals on the west side of this 12500 ft giant monolith. We climbed to 14,000 ft and then after 2 hours flew back to Chamonix, sitting on the inversion, seeing Mont Blanc turn orange then pink as the sun went down. The glide back was 15 km and we were still at 12000 ft when we arrived over the town. Spiralled down to land in near darkness to be met by local gendarmes, who told us we were had beeen flying in the restricted zone for rescue helicopters. We refuted this, then they laughed and said that they thought we would have been more problem to the airliners than the helicopters.
When and where was your most Horrid flight outside UK ?
Again never really had one. Never ever hurt myself or thrown a reserve in anger.
Time to brag ?, What was your "finest hour" ?
God knows – Had so many good ones. I did manage to get £13000 out of the Lottery for equipment for the North Norfolk club.
Who do you most admire in the sport ?
The guys and gals at Scully who would spend hours winching suckers like me in the air.

What trait do you most deplore in other people ?
people being late and making promises to do something, then don’t do it plus politically correct fuck-wits
When not flying what do you do for recreation ?
ha ha !! GOLF told you I’m getting old.
Favorite piece of music ? Freebird – by Lynard Skynnard – don’t know how to spell it though
Favorite book ?
At the mo – Jeremy Clarkson’s books – I should have written them, as I agree 100% with him.
Favorite Film ?
Kevin Costners – Dances with Wolves
What is your greatest fear ?
A big fuck off collapse at 50 ft – that’s why I gave up
What is your perfect idea of happiness ?
now – a Birdie !!
what would your motto be ?
No ‘Elth & Safety fuck-wit is allowed near me
How would you like to be remembered ?
He was alright
Whats your favorite flying story ?
The Czech guy who was sucked up into a cu-nimb. He threw his reserve, but still was sucked up – god knows how high he got, but he wrapped his wing round himself to keep warm and then took photos of him being pummeled by the cu-nimb. He eventually got spat out survived. I think taking pics in that situation is cool.
Notable achievements ?
I flew for nearly 20 years pieces of fabric and string – I survived - that’s a f….g achievement
Anything else you would like to add?

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