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Pilot profile

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  • where were you born
  • Where do you live know?
  • Occupation?
  • Previous Occupation
  • How and when did you start flying
  • Why did you stop
  • Which Pilots most influenced you
  • Gliders you have flown
  • Where have you flown in the UK
  • When and where was your most memorable flying experience in the UK
  • When and where was your most Horrid flight in the UK
  • Where have you flown OUT of the UK
  • Where and when was you most memorable flying experiance outside the UK
  • When and where was your most Horrid flight outside UK
  • Time to brag ?, What was your "finest hour"
  • Who do you most admire in the sport
  • What Trait do you most deplore in yourself
  • What trait do you most deplore in other people
  • When not flying what do you do for recreation
  • Favorite piece of music
  • Favorite book
  • Favorite Film
  • What is your greatest fear
  • What is your perfect idea of happiness
  • what would your motto be
  • How would you like to be remembered
  • Whats your favorite flying story
  • Notable achievements,

Greg Thompson

Mick Starling

Terry Aspinall

First got in to Hang Gliding in 1973 after meeting up with David Cook and joined the Norfolk Hang Gliding club around 1976issh
If you want to read how I started flying and to save me typing out hundreds of pages, just go to
< and Click on to my Autobiography and read Chapter 16 there are also a few photos some of you might remember.

Steven (partridge) Hicks

Around since the very early days of Hang gliding. Disapeared in the late 70's to re-appear in the Mid 80's. Famous for flying "swifts", well.. writing off two of them to be more precise.

Paul Whitley

Flying Hang gliders when dinosaurs still walked the earth. Started at the age of 16, flying bits of metal covered in plastic. Always a pioneer, always trying something new. Involved in early towing experiments. Most people who see him flying the coast think he is a tad mad. Other realize, he is just VERY skilled.

Alan Snowling

Another of the Very early Days member. Was an Airwave dealer foir a while. Founder member of the Norfolk club, and i believe founder member of the suffolk club, later in 79.
Like most of the early members, got heavily involved in Mircolighting.

Ray Watering

another founder member. Also heavily involved in microlighting. It must be said that these guys were the true pioneers of Microlighting in this country. Ray (i belive) designed and made quite a few light weight examples.

Pete Hammond

Treasurer for a few years in early 80's. Obtained Sculthorpe for club use for us.

Vernon Girling

Every Club Has one. In the 80's Vernon was "ours". Always at the meetings, always at any event. Never had a Hang glider, and never Flew. Just "always there"

Tony Webb

Our Mentor. Without whom most of us would not flown at all.
"Never in the field of human aviation have so many owed so much to so few". Thanks for teaching us to rise up from the earth and chase the clouds.

Rona Webb

Tony's wife, business advisor, and winch wench. Also one of the best female pilots in the country. Famous for her amazing knack of opening Scottish purses and removing contents therein.

Phil Chettleburgh

As a person— ahh-- ahh-
First impressions. Obnoxious, insulting, disgusting foul mouthed lowlife git.
Lasting impressions. See above
As a Pilot —— The one to beat.
Apart from Tony Webb, Phil Chettlebugh has done more for Hang Gliding and Paragliding in East Anglia than Anyone.
Phil is solely responsible ( albeit aided and abetted by Barry Freeman and Angie Chettleburgh) for starting Winch Launch Paragliding in East Anglia.
Been Chairman of all 3 Clubs, Started the NNHGPGC in 1991 Is dedicated to the continuity of HG in the region. Was awarded Certificate of merit by Prince Andrew at The Royal Aero Club in 2003 for his services to HG. A true Stalwart and Ambassador for HG in gereral.
Virtually OWNS The Dave Loxley Trophy (awarded for longest XC Flt from Winch Launch each year)
Admined the UKNXCL from 1997 to 2003/4
Norfolk club Chairman / secretary / newsletter editor / in the mid to late 80's.


Angie Chettleburgh

Phils Wife. Another doer. Spent bloody ages on the winch, liked riding the bike alot. Another good female pilot. but lack of confidence in the air stopped her progressing.

Kathy Rigg

(damed if i can remember her "nee" name.)
Was a regular at Sculthorpe and Hill Farm. Her Dad used to come and watch her training with Tony. This girl obviously had ambition. Later went on to fly the hills a lot. Was the first Norfolk member to fly more than 50 miles (i believe) Went on to become WORLD famous on the competition scene. Clocked up some remarkable flights, and results. She is also well known for organizing activities in various events, as well as shouting at people. Alas married some bloke called Gordon.

Edmund Potter

Einstein = Physics
Potter = Thermaling. Sky god. One of the best, and if he got off his arse and flew more comps would of been world class. Flew a few times at world meets. After Kathy, probally the most famous of Norfolk members. Went on to form the Aerotow group in Cambridge. Had to pack in flying due to arm injury.

Dave McEwen

Dave first appeared on the hang gliding scene in 1986, as a student at Lejair. The first things we noticed about Dave, was a nervous twitch he had developed after a recent divorce, The constant fiddling with his NHS hearing aid and his uncanny knack of being able to get at least 3 three greens and four reds in any given sentence (colourfull laungage). Oh.. and what we thought was his daughter.

Dave soon progressed in his flying, and joined the Norfolk Hang Gliding Club with his Calypso Glider. He enjoyed going on club trips and was very successful. Dislocated Arm at Merthyr and a “Clapped Hands” rigging incident in the Peaks readily spring to mind.

Travel abroad was his favorite. It was at Annercy in France that members discovered that it wasn’t his Daughter. Many nights were spent sitting around Dave’s tent watching the Picture show, as Dave liked to take her from behind, whilst the Tilley light was on. Dave was taking every opportunity as Tracey had just turned 16, and he was keen to demonstrate what a 42 year old was capable of.

In 2000 Phil and Dave went to Italy to fly places like Monte Cucco, It was noticeable that a number of pilots there, with their latest hot ships and all the gear would watch Dave as he prepared to fly. His rigging procedure would be as follows.

Rig Glider. Get sewing kit out of van (easily identifiable by the bog roll on the roof rack drying out) make minor repairs to wing. Put on overalls. Put on the tattyest stirrup harness you have ever seen, Get Robinsons bottle of drink with straw in top and tape to upright( Daves answer to a Camelback tight git.) Wind up vario (referred to by German Pilots as a Wireless) and attach to glider. Roll fag and watch the sky.

The hot ships would launch, looking down their noses as they went past Dave. Then Dave would launch. The other pilots would then spend the rest of the day trying to out fly Dave. They never did.

Amongst his more notable achievements are:-

* Has flown more XC miles Than ANYONE on the winch (certainly in the UK, very possibly in the world.)
* Was a founder member of the NORTH NORFOLK club.
* Has achieved Senior Tow coach rating as well as AP rating

You will be glad to note that the twitch has gone, and the NHS has given him a new hearing aid. Alas he has kept the talent of being unable to utter a sentence without at least 3 greens and 2 reds. Reds and greens increase dramatically when Phil goes XC.

Phil Chett has been heard on more than one occasion to say.. “The saying goes: You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends Therefore Dave must be my Brother……….RED!”

Tony Southwood

Was well known for getting things done. Another one who liked to spend hours on the winch. Became rather involved with the newly forming Aerotowing activities. Held various committee posts. Flew an Amour for a number of years.

Barry Freeman

should be on Jackanory full time, due to his story telling attributes.. Occasionally lands his Hang glider in one piece. Likes shouting "look up" at people. Somehow or other managed to get Chief Tow Coach status. First seen at Scullthorpe in 85/86 flying "squares" with the parascenders. Has the amazing ability to come up with more excuses than anyone else as to why his glider wont land properly

Bob Cogman

Originally a Paracender, Bob started Hang gliding in 1986 when the Norfolk club were at Sculthorpe. Barry Freeman, his cousin also joined in the fun. Around 1994 they both upgraded their "squares" for the better performing Paraglider, enjoying both disciplines. Bob was not one for XC flying. Indeed the only times he did fly XC was when he was Aerotowed so far away from the field he couldn't get back and, He did however become an accomplished Dual Pilot. He is also well known for extracting pennies out of purses for huge "Glider Condoms" as well as the odd Para gliding and Wind Surfing quick release mechanism.

More than anything Bob is admired for his amazing ability of finding reasons NOT to fly. A feat that until recently, no one has ever come close to equaling.

Tony Beckett

Rob Sinclair

Paul Welton

Glyn Charnock

Also known as the SFB! Glyn was a major force in club activities for a number of years. Mainly cos his Van was stuffed full of goodies. As well as enjoying spending Hours on the winch, he occasionally flew. Was (if i remember correctly) well Known for his "back wire" landings, to effect a good flair. Mainly because he couldn't run to fast with his little legs.

Graham Malone

Tim Mann

Edited Club Mag for a while in late 80's. Renown for being one of the heavier pilots. Enjoyed Hang gliders, Microlights, and of late Paragliders. Can be quite often seen at the coast.

Nigel Webb

John Burrell

Paul Treadwell

Mark Riches

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