Angie Chettleburgh

Met Phil in 1985, married him in 88, put up with him till 1996. In the the early days Angie and Phil between them physically and administration wise virtually ran the NHGC Angie being one of the most accomplished Winch Operators in the whole of the UK would do most of the Winching, and has Trained many Operators who are still winching today. Angie seemed to enjoy Winching as much if not more than Flying. In fact at times it would prove impossible to get her short shorts of the the winch seat and into her harness.
Angie has been the inaugurator of many XCs both from the NHGC and the NNHGPGC which was formed by Angie and and Phil in 1990. It was here that Angie's prowess on the Winch once again came to the forefront when she became one of the first (if not the first) female PG Winch Operators in the UK.
Angie was not noted for XCs although more than capable. The reason for this was that she would always (from the age of six months onwards) take her Twins (Sophie and Robert ) with her whenever she went Flying i.e every weekend.
Not only is Angie an accomplished HG pilot she also flies PGs too.
It must also be noted that Angie played a major role in oganising (at very short notice) The ALLOUT held at Northrepps Airfield Nr Cromer, Norfolk in 19??

Thank you Angie, heres hoping you get out as much as you put in.(DM )



where were you born
norfolk and norwich hospital

Where do you live now?
S.E Wales, Gilwern

accounts manager

Previous Occupation
manager of a golf club

How and when did you start flying

Why did you stop
I havent (sort of)

Which Pilots most influenced you
Gary Hume

Gliders you have flown
lots- stubby, polaris, magic 4, fever, xtralite to name a few

Where have you flown in the UK
almost every spot in norfolk and a couple of places in wales

Where was your most memorable flying experience in the UK and why
flying through cloudbase while on tow to blue skies

When and where was your most Horrid flight in the UK
hill farm - lost in fog!!

Where have you flown OUT of the UK
France, Germany, slovinia, cyprus and lanzarote (otherwise known as lanzagrotty)

Where and when was you most memorable flying experiance outside the UK
Annecy - flying to 10,000ft

When and where was your most Horrid flight outside UK
also Annecy due to incorrect rigging (not my fault)


Who do you most admire in the sport
Judy Leden

What Trait do you most deplore in yourself
lack of confidence (especially when faced with a hill)

What trait do you most deplore in other people
lack of motivation

When not flying what do you do for recreation
golf, mountain bike, walking, and trail biking

Favorite piece of music
Forever Autum: Justin Heywood

Favorite book
the bible - only kidding! ; "the thorn birds"

Favorite Film
silence of the lambs, or the sound of music, or any film with "Arnie"

What is your greatest fear

What is your perfect idea of happiness
world peace

what would your motto be
live long and prosper - according to my son

Whats your favorite flying story

Notable Achievements
4th in British ladies championship, leading to photo in the Independent

Nb. The Skywings front cover Pic, is Angie's daughter Sophie. In the mag, Sophie's name somehow changed to Emily

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