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First national tow meet near Little Snoring, in Norfolk, hosted by the Norfolk club. (was it this year? .. need lots more about this event..good and bad.)
Paul whitley, Greg Thompson and Mick Lake heavily involved in testing payout and fixed line towing systems.
Payout winch (i think) originally came from sweden or holland.


(i think ) another spot on the telly.

Towing delvelopement continues.
This is a Short vid showing (what i believe to be ) the predecessor of the "Lake" leg system.


Mike Lake delvelopes the "tow leg"
(from memory) a cable was fiited between the nose of the glider, through the leg about 3/4 of the way down the from a "tube" to an attachment around the hips of the pilot. The tube was fitted to just in front of the A frame. At the end of the tube which when dangling would just above the base bar was a "Glider" release.


Tony and rona webb join club. Interested in starting school, useing club payout winch. In the History of winch training in the UK, this was one of the most important. Flying at Flixton Tony took some ideas he had learnt from Donnel Hewit in the USA, married them with the work that had been done in the Norfolk club, and produced the basis for modern day safe towing system.


Norfolk club changes its name to Eastern Airsports.
Phil Chettlebugh joins club. Bob Harrison of the BHGA visits Tony and Ronas flegeling school at flixton to observe and test the systems used.
Winching moves to Eye Airfield
Club winch "taken back"
Names involved here, are Ed Potter, julian floyd, Roger wood, Sandy (??? didn't he make a payout winch for tony?)


Pete Hammond obtains use of Scuthorpe airfield for towing activities.

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