Report on Alvin Russell, BHGA training officer. fatal accident in Ireland.
Cardigans are made, depicting three kites flying over the Norfolk Coastline. Cost about £11
Training weekends are to be held every weekend. Its is report that training sites are available for all wind directions.



1st reported flight from Cromer to Mundesley by Will Reynolds on a Firebird.

Club Social organised at the King Edward Pub. Aylsham rd


1st reported flight from Cromer to Mundesley and Back. Mick Starling on a Hi-Fly 1


New members include
Alan Snowling : 24 from dickleburgh, Argus 18
Richard Hicks : 19 from Hunstanton. Firebird S
Terry Aspinall : 33 from Saxmundham. Moonraker.


NHGC competition. Held on Sunday 15th. Organized by Greg Winds SE gusting 14 - 28. Rather less than ideal for Cromer. TV crews attending, as was St Johns Ambulance.
1st place: Mick Starling, 2nd Mick Pulford. 3rd Will Reynolds


Agm. ( tbc)
1st Agm canceled due to lack of support
2nd try, its a bit better!
Much talk about access to Cromer, especially in regard to Helicopter landings at Trinity House.
Possibility of a "Club Glider" discussed. Agreed in principle.


Committee Meeting (possibly the very first one)

" Greg has retired as secretary, and was unanimously voted in as chairman. We have all failed to see eye to eye with greg at sometime in the past, but nobody has done as much as greg to make this club a going concern"

Insurance concerns and BHGA membership requirements discussed, as was forming closer contact with the North Norfolk council. The Council had expressed concerns about about flying east of Cromer, and over Cromer itself


News letter now edited by John Webb
Annual Subscription increased to £5.75p
John Sharpe becomes Sunspot Agent
Terry Aspinall flies from Dunwich To Minsmere on his Moonraker,
followed by Brian Griffiths also on a Moonraker


Disco Dance at Northrepps village hall. Music provided by Sky-Byrds dico and "Velvet Will Reynolds"


Club gets a spot on the telly on Tuesday 6th. BBC program called "Sporting Types"
Filmed during a competition held on May 10th

Is there any truth in the story that Derek Moore bought his suit especially for this event ?

1976 1978

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