(15 th ) 1st Dual soaring flight at Mundesly, hyway 260. Greg Thompsom and Neil Heward
(16 th ) 1st top landing at Mundesly. Greg Thompson. Hyway 260


7th Anthony Walsh soars the cliffs at Caister on a Hyway Cloudbase


First Newsletter produced by Greg Thompson.


Meeting held at the "Marlborough Arms". New committee appointed consisting of:
Chairman: Peter Hammond
Secretary: Greg Thompson
Treasurer: Peter Walsh
Flying Safety: Anthony Walsh
Technical officer: Mick Pulford
Sites: Mick Starling

Meetings to be held on monthly intervals at the Marlborough
Arrangements made with Southern Hang Gliding School for discounted days tuition. Cost: £11.50
Members assist in the Cromer Hospital fete for a bit of successful PR
Training Fatality reported (elsewhere) scant details.
A couple of members report they have plans , and are building a second generation Kite.


Members have a stand at the Norwich "Sports for All" day held at the Norfolk Show Ground.
Peter Hammond praised for one of the best displays at the event.
Poor advertising resulted in only about 200 visitors to the Event.

Cromer "sports for all" day. Again a static display produced by Peter Hammond. Less than successful, 11 visitors ! Thanks to only two posters in the town advertising the event.

A call for more material is made to members for the club mag. (this will be repeated just about every year !)

Running takeoffs were from cromer were discussed, as were top landings. Running Take offs were banned if over 14 mph, and top lands banned period!

BHGA and CAA lock horns!. All members flying members must be BHGA members.

A number of members pay a visit to the Norfolk Gliding Club.


More on insurance.
The ban on top landing removed. The flying safety officer resigns as a result.
Reported fatality at the Long Mynd.
2nd Hand "Duplicator" sought (for you younger bods.. read smelly old hand driven photocopier)


Greg Thomspon Visits the Pennines.
"Two flyers came down after 20 minutes because they couldn't see in the blizzard. They later flew at midnight in a full moon, with the snow covered ground visability was remarkable good"

1st Club dinner dance (don't know where)
60 people attend (and Snowy's dog). speech givien by Greg

1975 1977

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