Mike Lake makes the first ground hopping flights from a small hump in North Norfolk.
Later Mike meets up with Rod Pace and 'bumps' into Greg Thompson trying to fly the same North Norfolk hump.
Greg's sail had been made incorrectly giving a totally unsafe glider. The sailmakers had no idea of the subtle differences between wing and boat sails.

After a couple of weekends ground skimming Mike Lake makes the first heart-stopping launch from the top of Cromer Cliffs. This was the first real sustained hang glider flight in Norfolk. Quickly followed by Rod and Greg (complete with new sail).
These 'top to bottoms' lasted about a minute or so and it was not uncommon to have 5 or 6 such flights (followed by the 200ft climb up) in one day. There was no concept of staying up!!

Soon after, the first mind-blowing soaring flights were made with the gob-smacking realisation that you could actually get ABOVE the top of the cliff. At that time the early flyers had no idea this was possible.

Within a few weeks the above three early flyers got together and formed the Norfolk Hang Gliding Club…. And this is where it all started.

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