1973 1975

Not sure exactly when, but a few guys, completely independently sent away for plans of "How to build a Hang Glider" Some of the details were acquired from reading articles in a magazine called "Mayfair".


Greg Thompson was one of these. Taking the Plans to " Jeckells of Wroxham", he asked them to make a sail. Consulting the plans, they advised Greg that the plans were wrong. The sail had to have a seam at the trailing edge.
Taking his new glider to "Mucklebourgh Hill " near Weyborne, he took his first tentative steps towards flying. The Glider would not fly. Taking the sail back to Jeckles he asked them to remove the seam.
Again, back at Mucklebugh hill, he took his first steps of the side of the hill. IT FLEW!
He was soon joined by a number of other new pilots. All the gliders were made from plans as there was no manufacturer at that time. New friend ships were soon formed.

Soon after these like minded Pioneers had got together, it was evident that the only way they were going to get any acceptance from the local authorities was by becoming a little more organised.
It was not long before the Norfolk Hang Gliding club was Formed.

??????? ????/ Was the first chairman. Greg Thompson was the secretary.

December 75


December edition of Wings Reports a List of "Observers".
Greg Thompson the only one in East Anglia.

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