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This is an attempt to document the history of NORFOLK HANG GLIDING CLUB.
Started in dec 2006 it is assumed that it will take a fair while to get some interesting material within these pages

Cos its important! Hang gliding activities in East Anglia have been going on for over 30 years. It will continue one way or another for many years to come. Now is the time to get the history written, before to many people chuck all there bits and pieces in the bin, or pop their cloggs.
to quote somebody or another.. " without history there is no future"
It is important to document the pioneers activities, their names, and their experiences. Some of it wont make "NICE" reading. Conflicts will be described, alongside horror stories. These thing happen. But they pale into insignificance against the joys of flying at 5000ft over the East Anglian countryside, the friendships formed and the shear pleasure of free flight.

It is hoped that members from different eras of the club will summit material.

Time will tell:-)

I suspect that to start off with, it might all be a tad untidy… that can be sorted later. For now, we need to generate some content.
I also suspect that there might be one or two inclusions that some might, well how shall we put it, get up the arse about. life's like that you know.

Oh, yeah. one more thing. sorry about the spelling.. I'll tidy it up as i go along :-)

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(Varios at the time were about a weeks wages! ).

Take a container about a pint and wrap it in tinfoil for insulation.
Stick a bit of white card on the lid with a pin hole in it and in the lid. Stamp some very fine parallel lines onto this card. I made a rubber stamp from (I think) an old hot water bottle.
Get some cling film type stuff and stamp the exact same very fine parallel lines onto this and make a tiny tiny pinhole. Overlay the film onto the card so the parallel lines line up exactly.
This thin diaphragm detects tiny increases in air pressure between the inside and outside of the pot and the parallel lines magnify this movement using something called the Moiré effect.
This only detected if you were going up or not going up and it was to make my fortune.
Instead when I showed it to (Snowy I think or one of the Suffolk boys) they laughed out loud so I hid it away.

Mike Lake

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